20 cent of Freedom

Money! 20 cent! My own money! The first money for more than a month, that’s mine to use however I wish to.


A sudden feeling of extacy rushing through my body. My mind is spinning. I can buy whatever I want! Whatever I like! I can buy whatever I choose to. Because I have money.

I didn’t long for money. This reaction of excitement certainly surprises me. I don’t ask people for money, I only ask for what I need. And I get all I need. But now in my hand I have this coin. My coin.

A coin and a feeling of freedom.

Wait a minute. My brain slowly starts returning from its excited state. Freedom? I realize what a weird effect money has on us. Here I am, in a world full of kind-hearted fellow humans giving me opportunities to travel to places that i never imagined, always having a place to sleep, never being hungry, even being invited to different kinds of entertainments and getting extravagances. For free! Without so much as 20 cent in my pocket.

People helping each other out, THAT is what gives us freedom.

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